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SmartLook is a new service from Issuu that can turn all the document-download links on your site to pretty slideshows that can be opened directly in the browser. Anyone who visits your site can click and read entire document right inside their browser without downloading anything.

document viewer

The documents open as an overlay on top of the site, the user can search, page through and print it. Currently SmartLook works only for link poiting to presentation slideshows, PDFs and simple text documents.

To have this type document viewing on your site you just have to sign up and get a piece of code that can be easily inserted  onto your site.

Screenshot of document viewer:

online document viewer


  • Turn all the document-download links on your site into browser viewable documents.
  • The document viewer have clean interface with the required navigation controls.
  • Works with PDF, Power Point slides and .doc format.
  • Can be easily inserted to your site.
  • Streamlined document service right inside your website.
  • All the contents of the documents are searchable.
  • Currently only one website per account allowed.

For more info watch demo video below:

Check out SmartLook @

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  1. Ryan
    January 7, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Does anyone know of a similar service/program that will convert your document to a .swf that you can host on your physical web server?