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If you’re looking for an easier way to create multimedia slideshows on your iPad, SlideIdea may well be the perfect solution. It’s even cheaper than the iOS version of Apple’s Keynote Create Elegant & Cool Multimedia Presentations Using Apple's Popular Keynote [Mac] Create Elegant & Cool Multimedia Presentations Using Apple's Popular Keynote [Mac] The best demos of Apple's multimedia program, Keynote, are the ones co-produced by the legendary Steve Jobs. Watch nearly any of his keynote presentations on YouTube, and you can quickly see how if used effectively,... Read More  — cheaper as in free!

SlideIdea allows users to create, share, and export slideshow presentations to other applications. This iPad-exclusive app also allows you to share slideshows online, as well as incorporating online polls for audience responses.

Getting Started

As the 85MB download suggest, SlideIdea is larger than similar iPad apps, and that’s without all the templates being pre-installed. These can be selectively downloaded, and just like the main app are also free.


SlideIdea provides over a dozen professionally designed templates, consisting of a mixture of photos, text, and chart slides that can be easily customized. You can selectively add these slides to the timeline to build up your presentation.

Your projects are automatically saved as you go, and can then be shared to your SlideIdea account or exported to other applications like Evernote.


Customizing Slides

SlideIdea provides similar slideshow editing tools found in Keynote and PowerPoint. You can add and resize photos, pie and bar charts, and various lines and shapes.

SlideIdea 6

Tap on the various elements in a slide and many more tools will pop up in the toolbar, including over a dozen different font styles and sizes, template colors, and alignment and opacity tools.

SlideIdea tools

Slide elements can be resized, animated (fade in, scale, and stretch), and layered below and above other elements. As part of the shapes toolbar under the More Widgets option, additional sets of custom shapes (social media icons, currency symbols, popular business logos, quote brackets, banners, dice and pens) can be downloaded and used in slides.

More widgets

Select a Transformation

SlideIdea includes six different slide transition styles, including cover flow, stacked deck, page curl book style, and traditional scrolling.

SlideIdea 7

Audio recordings and video clips can also be added to presentations, and users can create pre-narrated slideshows for posting on the web. The record button is located in the pop-up menu accessed by tapping on the three dots on the homepage.

SlideIdea 15

Audience Participation

SlideIdea features a unique interactive widget that allows presenters to create a poll that others can respond to online. This works by assigning each poll a unique URL, which you can then visit to check on.

SlideIdea 17

As an example, while you’re giving your presentation you can post up a short URL so your audience can vote as you talk.

In addition to posting slideshows to your SlideIdea account, projects can be exported to Dropbox The Unofficial Guide To Dropbox The Unofficial Guide To Dropbox There's more to Dropbox than you might think: you can use it for file sharing, backing up your data, syncing files between computers and even remotely control your computer. Read More , Evernote, SkyDrive SkyDrive vs Google Drive - Which Is Best for Office Productivity? SkyDrive vs Google Drive - Which Is Best for Office Productivity? As the push towards web apps has evolved, we're now met with two powerful cloud solutions -- SkyDrive and Google Drive. These two options offer all the tools needed for file synchronization and office productivity.... Read More , Box, Google Drive 7 Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Google Drive 7 Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Google Drive Google Drive is a great service, but installing the Google Drive application and synchronizing some files is just the first step. These tricks will help you take advantage of Google Drive, both on the desktop... Read More , and Kingsoft Cloud 9 of the Best Free & Low-Cost Alternatives to Microsoft Office 9 of the Best Free & Low-Cost Alternatives to Microsoft Office Microsoft Office has dominated the market of text documents, spreadsheets and slide shows for years, and for good reason – it’s one of the very best. However, there’s one drawback and that is the price.... Read More . The latest version of Evernote also includes a slideshow feature, but this doesn’t include all the advanced features found in SlideIdea.

SlideIdea 16

SlideIdea can handle imported PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and of course SlideIdea projects created by other users. As is often the case with third party software, you may lose some applied formatting in imported PowerPoint presentations.

Very User Friendly

SlideIdea includes an overview tutorial to get you started. The multimedia app works really well on the iPad Air IPad Mini or IPad Air? Why & How I Use Them Both IPad Mini or IPad Air? Why & How I Use Them Both Recently I purchased the new iPad Air with the intention of selling or passing on my iPad mini. After spending time with both devices, I've realized that I use them both for different purposes. Read More , and makes use of familiar finger gestures for navigating slideshows, opening and closing the editing space, and nice touches like pinching on a project to quickly return to the homepage.

Download: SlideIdea (Free)

If you need to give presentations, SlideIdea is well worth downloading and checking out. Let us know what your favourite iOS presentation tools are in the comments.

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  1. Justin K
    January 17, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    I'm always looking for new resources to use with my students. I like the look of the templates in this one. I'm going to check it out!

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    Thanks for the wonderful article Bakari :)

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    January 16, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    I like the sound of this.

    Thank you for such useful tips. I find most of my iPad apps from recommendations from MakeUseOf. Really great service. Thank you

    • Bakari Chavanu
      January 17, 2014 at 5:53 pm

      Kate, thanks for the feedback and being a regular reader of MakeUseOf.

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    January 16, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    I find these articles interesting to read. Makes me know more about ipads. Thanks

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