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Our sleep comprises of different stages and cycles. Waking up at the top of our cycle makes us feel refreshed but waking up at another stage for instance in deep sleep makes us feel tired, regardless of how long we have been sleeping. Here to help you find your sleep cycle time is an experimental tool called SleepTiming.

wake up refreshed

SleepTiming is a free to use web tool that helps you wake up feeling refreshed. The site does so by letting you know what time you will probably be on top of your sleep cycle. With the initial assumptions that you take 15 minutes to fall asleep and your cycle takes 90 minutes, the site calculates what time you should go to bed in order to wake up at a particular time refreshed.

It offers 4 times for going to bed; you can test them all out over a period of days and see if it affects how feel when you wake up.


  • A user-friendly web tool.
  • An experimental tool to help you wake up refreshed.
  • Tries calculating when you will be on top of your sleep cycle.
  • Provides 4 different estimates.

Check out SleepTiming @ 


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