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A lot of people (including myself) live in foreign countries, and one of the drawbacks of this is that language problems abound every day. This is where translation apps really come in handy, and in the past, we have had success with apps like as Google Translate Talk Your Way Into Anything With Google Translate [iPhone] Talk Your Way Into Anything With Google Translate [iPhone] I'm a self-confessed monolingual individual, and as someone who appreciates other cultures and people, I'm a bit ashamed to say it. Knowing multiple languages seems to be the thing these days, and I'm trying to... Read More and SayHi SayHi Translate Is Quite Possibly The Closest Thing To Star Trek's Universal Translator SayHi Translate Is Quite Possibly The Closest Thing To Star Trek's Universal Translator I want to boldly claim that Google Translate has been beaten by an even better app, one that is quite possibly the closest thing we have to Star Trek's Universal Translator right now. Read More .

But when you are communicating on your phone, say in a text message, being able to chat like a native really helps. Copying and pasting from an app such as the aforementioned Google Translate isn’t ideal in a flowing conversation. That’s where Slated for iPhone comes in.

Translations are still performed at a software level, and computers can’t completely understand contexts, idioms, figures of speech, and so forth. Slated is ideal for getting your basic point across, and gleaning a basic understanding of what the other person is saying.

My German-Italian mother-in-law and I haven’t talked this much via SMS in ages – and Skype’s translator comes out next year which is supposed to be a game-changer.

Install The Keyboard

Once you have downloaded and installed Slated from the App Store, you need to then properly install the keyboard. To do this, go to Settings > General> Keyboard > Keyboards > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.


Under Third Party Keyboards, you will find any you have downloaded and installed. Choose Slated, and it will jump you back to the previous screen, where you will see it in your Keyboards list.

Before you go on, you need to grant the app full access to the text you are typing. Tap on the arrow to the right of the Slated row, and check the “Allow Full Access” option.

Now you’re all set for lift-off.

Set Your Language & Go

To find your third party keyboard, tap and hold the globe icon in the bottom-right corner of any text-input box – such as Messages, Mail or Safari. You should see the name of your installed keyboards appear, tap the one you would like to use it.

Next you will have to set your target language – the language you will be translating into, and receiving replies in. To do this, tap the small circle with the three dots in it (on the left hand side), and spin the wheel to your desired language. Then press the white box with the X in it to finish up.

With your foreign friend on the other end of the conversation, and it’s time to chat in their language. Start typing in your language and it will automatically begin to translate into the target language. If you backspace and make corrections, the translation will automatically correct itself!

When you have finished the sentence and are ready to send, tap the translated sentence in the grey bar and your sentence will instantly be replaced by the translated version. Now press send and wait for your foreign friend to marvel at your masterly command of their language.

When their reply comes back, and you want to know what they have said, simply hold your finger down on the reply and when the little menu comes up, press copy.

You will then see their translated reply appear in your language just above the keyboard.

And so it goes on. Type, tap the translation, send, copy the reply, view the reply. You can also show off your polyglot skills by spinning the wheel again to another language (Zulu for example) and start texting in that language!

A Handy Translator

We live in an era where language difficulties will soon become a thing of the past, and Slated is just a small first step in bringing the technology to a consumer level. Normally we suggest alternative apps, but there’s not much at the moment to really compare Slated to except perhaps the upcoming Skype Translator. It’s really that unique!

Of course, this is an area where things can improve very quickly – so expect to see more of these sorts of apps in the future.

Would you trust Slated to translate your conversation for you?

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