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If you are an user and a Skype user, then it’s a good day for you. Microsoft has rolled out a previously geo-restricted feature to all countries – Skype integration with There are also a couple new features and some bug squashing included.

Some countries got the Skype for feature last year which were the UK, the US, Germany, France, Canada, and Brazil. Now, seven months later, everyone has it. If you are contemplating installing it, let’s take a moment to examine what it does.

It is a plugin which lets you connect to your Skype contacts through — you guessed it — You need to connect the two accounts and then install the plugin. That’s it. Nice and simple. It works with all the major browsers, and it supports HD video calling. However, for the HD calling, you need to have all the right equipment, such as broadband internet and a fairly modern webcam.

And of course, a product release wouldn’t really be a proper product release without the obligatory promo video with the smiley happy people showing us how cool Skype is in Outlook.


Do you use And if so, will you be installing the Skype plugin? If you install the plugin, please come back and tell us in the comments what your experience was like. Did it work well? We would love to know.

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