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Skype for Android has received a major update, and is now finally fully compatible with Android tablets. Skype 3.0 for Android is optimized to work with tablets of every size, but also works with regular Android phones, big or small. In addition to tablet optimization, you can now sign in and merge your Skype account with your Microsoft account – another step that follows Microsoft’s acquisition of the famous VoIP app.

The new Skype for Android also brings support of Skype’s wideband audio codec, SILK. The codec is designed to increase overall audio quality by making adjustments to the varying speeds of your Internet connection, so your audio is supposed to be pretty good even on a shaky internet connection. If you’re curious about the difference, you can listen to the demo below:

The redesigned interface for tablets comes with all the regular Skype features you’re used to seeing on Android, such as video and audio calls, instant messages, conference calls and IMs, the ability to call regular landlines and mobiles, and text messages. You can also switch between front and rear facing cameras in the middle of a Skype call, to give your friends the full perspective.

You can watch Skype in action on an Android tablet in this video.

Did you get a chance to try Skype on your Android tablet? What do you think of the new interface?


Source: Skype Blog

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