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If you are an Apple user, you may not have known that users of the Windows version of Skype were able to access Facebook through the program. Now, with the 5.4 beta, Mac owners have been given the same features.

Integration works about as you’d expect. After you’ve installed the new version, you’ll need to enter your Facebook information. Once you’ve done so, Skype will match your contacts with their respective accounts (if they’re on Facebook, of course). You’ll then have access to a friend feed through Skype itself, and you can call Facebook contacts – as long as you have the proper credits and/or subscription, of course.

It’s not just your current Skype contacts that can appear, however. In fact, most of Facebook’s core functionality including the newsfeed, likes, comments and more are integrated with the Skype client with this latest update.

Windows users have enjoyed these features in the offical release for several months, and have had access to them in beta form since late 2010 Skype Releases Facebook Integration & Multi-Party Video Chat [News] Skype Releases Facebook Integration & Multi-Party Video Chat [News] Read More . Okay, perhaps enjoy is going a bit far, as I think the integration feels a bit clunky – but that’s just my opinion.

Another new “feature” is the inclusion of ads. Paying Skype customers won’t see them, but those using the program for free will. Fortunately, they’re not as intrusive as they could be.


Currently the version of Skype with Facebook integration is in beta, so you’ll need to go to Skype’s website if you want it.

Source: CNET

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