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Skype has recently introduced some huge improvements to their app on Android, particularly if you have an Android tablet. Most notably, Android users can now see a Skype window within other apps they are using.

In a blog post, introducing Skype version 4.5, the company claims that they are:

The first Android application to offer a picture-in-picture window that lets you see your video call even when you switch away to other applications.

It is seemingly similar to Windows 8’s Snap View Facebook For Windows 8.1 Update Gets Snap View, Photo Downloads Facebook For Windows 8.1 Update Gets Snap View, Photo Downloads Facebook for Windows 8.1 is already getting new features. Among the notable additions are the ability to use the Snap View feature for multi-tasking and the option to download photos. Read More , but “with an Android twist”, and will now allow you to multitask while you’re on Skype video calls. So you can break away from the main Skype application and go browsing on the web, or check your email, while all the time having the video window open in the corner.

For some reason, even though this is currently only a tablet feature, you will get a message when you download this version to your phone, to “draw on top of other apps”. We presume this is a temporary inconvenience which Skype will fix soon.

As well as picture-in-picture windows, another notable new feature is the ability to:


Quickly jump from one letter to another in your contact list. Just pinch your contact list to zoom out to an alphabet and tap on the letter (or number/symbol option) to jump to that section.

Skype has also been hard at work squashing bugs and bringing out other small improvements such as improved video messaging, drop-down filter selections on the “people” tab, and compatibility for the Hudl tablet.

The update is available to download and install now in the Google Play store. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new features.

Source: Skype Blog | Image credit: Video Conferencing via Shutterstock

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