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There are a lot of project management web apps available today from the simple to the complex. One new web app that hopes to add a new approach to project management is Skylight.

Skylight is a collection of online tools that provides a venue for project and resource managers with features that enhances better communication between team members, recruitment for new talents, a booking system, and keeping files and documents.

simplify your business

Sign up first to use Skylight then add in the name of the business you want to manage. On the Dashboard section, you can choose what you want to appear by checking them on the Customize menu.

Simply click the Add tabs on each box to add information. To view options on each section, simply click the drop-down arrow beside the name to choose. By clicking on the name itself, you will see all the details about it.

simplify your business


There are a lot of tools available in the dashboard. The project management tool provides the usual activity feeds, milestones setup, task assignment, file storage, and more. The Resource Scheduling tool lets you book resources with a drag and drop interface while checking for conflicts in the process. The Tasks and Time Logging tool logs priority dates and measures time invested on each task. Other tools include invoice and quotes, reports, and file annotation.


Skylight offers a complete set of tools to simplify one’s business life. Accounting, invoicing tools, and custom reports will also soon be included in their service.


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