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An increasing number of companies are looking for ways to operate in a paperless manner. But the accounting portion of a business remains mostly on paper. Here to help change that is a web service called Skyclerk.

manage company finances online

Skyclerk is a web service that lets companies monitor their finances online. By creating an account on the site you can start adding incomes and expenses to a finance stream. You can label expenses and details to them for better organization. Others can be added to your Skyclerk account to help feed transactions as soon as they happen. Your ledgers keep a balance of your finances at all times showing your net profit or loss and total income and expense amounts.


Skyclerk offers its users a free account with a limitation of 3 users and 20 transactions per month; to remove these limits you can opt for the site’s premium services that cost $9 per month.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps manage a company’s finances.
  • Lets you easily feed in your transactions.
  • Lets you add partners to your account.
  • Keeps a ledger for net profit / loss.

Check out Skyclerk @ 

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