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With the demise of XMarks, many power-users are searching for the next tool that can sync their bookmarks across all browsers. While there are several alternatives available, one other promising tool that we can add to the list is Skloog. This tool lets you save your pages and existing bookmarks for easy access whenever and wherever you are online.

save all your bookmarks

To install Skloog to your browser, simply drag and drop the Skloog toolbar from the page to your browser’s bookmark bar. While it offers the same core functionalities of XMarks, Skloog took a different approach by letting you create web shortcuts. Similar to desktop shortcuts, you can easily see all your bookmarked sites laid out in your main dashboard. Once you have added a bookmark, you can place them into a relevant category and access them through the page tabs. You can also drag and drop shortcuts from one category to another or organize them within a category.

save bookmarks online

Skloog has preset shortcuts from the most popular websites in a category – but you can also delete these links or add your own. Current bookmarks are imported to your profile where you can also view your most recent bookmarks. You can also edit your web shortcuts by changing their icons or uploading your own.

With Skloog, everything is laid out for you, so it won’t feel like your going through a long list of bookmark folder. The web shortcut concept makes it easy to deal with hundreds of bookmarks since the tabbed layout is very  familiar to the user.


Time will tell whether Skloog will be a hit, especially since they will be competing with native bookmark syncing features of today’s browsers. Still,  Skloog js a useful online repository of bookmarks without all the clutter seen from other bookmarking tools.

Watch video intro below:


  • Saves your bookmarks as web shortcuts
  • Set as your main homepage for easy use
  • Keeps all your bookmarks in one place regardless of browser
  • Easy editing of shortcuts
  • Allows you to change shortcut icons or upload your own
  • No need to install extensions or addons
  • Email and share bookmarks
  • Search bookmarks with tags

Check out Skloog @

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  1. Zuri K.
    October 10, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I adopted this site and have since fell in love with it. I wish that it had an option to stay logged in indefinitely (or some other time frame) unless I a)intentionally log out b)log on using a different browser or computer. Otherwise setting up was great and it just takes patience to want to organize the bookmarks if they aren't already organized.