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Evernote has put a lot of work into their popular image editor known as Skitch recently. They have just launched version 2.0 and it adds some great new features to their desktop application. They have also rolled out an iPhone and iPod touch version of the app.

The first part of this update comes in the form of their desktop program. They re-did the user interface and gave everything a minimalist feel. This helps make annotating or editing images and screenshots easier because there is less clutter, and it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The new version also includes some new functions such as a pixelate option.

Another part of this update is that everything you create with Skitch will automatically sync to your Evernote account. Accessing your Skitch images will most certainly be a bit quicker and easier with this update.

The brand new Skitch iPhone application does not really have any features that the iPad version did not have already, other than the fact that it actually works on iPhone. The layout has been scaled down and designed to work on the smaller iPhone screen. Of course, the iPhone, iPad and Android version also include Evernote integration.

Source: TUAW


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