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Having to sign in every time you boot up Windows is a pain. Fortunately, you can actually hide the login screen for good and all it takes is a few simple steps.

First, hit Windows Key + R to bring up the Run window. Type in netplwiz and click Ok. This opens the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel dialog.

In the User Accounts window that pops up, navigate to the Users tab, select your user account, and look for the option called Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Uncheck the box next to it and click Apply.


You’ll see a one-time prompt to enter your username and password, and once you enter them, that’s it. You’ll never see the login screen again (until you re-enable the feature, of course).

This solution works on Windows 7 through Windows 10, but it can be a bit of a security risk Windows Users Beware: You've Got A Serious Security Issue Windows Users Beware: You've Got A Serious Security Issue Read More if you’re on a shared computer because it leaves your computer open to unauthorized access. But hey, if that’s a risk you’re willing to take, we say go for it.


Do you consider the Windows login prompt a useful feature or an inconvenience? Speak up in the comments!

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