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People with weight problems often make plans to diet only to abandon the plan later. What they need is something that constantly motivates them and encourages them to get results soon. This is precisely what Skinnyo does.

weight loss targets

Skinnyo is a free to use website with a community of people who set weight loss targets for themselves. You can sign up for the service and then enroll yourself into any one of the challenges on the site such as losing 7 pounds in half a month. The site also lets you keep a diary of your weight so you can monitor and see when you need to start dieting again.

Since the site is a community site, you can add others as your friends and get support from them while returning the favor. Through graphically monitoring your progress and getting support from the Skinnyo community, you will be able to successfully meet your weight loss targets.

weight loss progress tracker

Key Features:


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  1. p90x
    November 15, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    This is a great weight loss monitor tool, I have used it and it helps a lot