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skiHeadSometimes the day’s work just overtakes you and you need a little something to break the monotony. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol, but I turn to free online flash based skiing games!

Last time I visited a game on MakeUseOf called Final Ninja which you can read about here Final Ninja - Play a Classic Ninja Game Online Final Ninja - Play a Classic Ninja Game Online Read More . This week we will be checking out Ski Runner 2 from Addicting Games.

Take note – if you have epilepsy you should not play this game as it can cause seizures. For everyone else – it is straight up, exciting, fast paced action!

When you arrive at the site you will see this:

free online skiing games

Go ahead and hit play. After a brief ad for Addicting Games you will see the following screen where you can get started to play or learn how to play the free online skiing game. We will walk you though how to play.


free online skiing games

Check out the simplified instructions. You need to avoid trees, rocks and Frosty the snowman. You collect half full vials, full vials and watermelon (wait what??). You have to use your up, down, left and right keys to move. You can hit the space bar to use a bomb. They also offer some more suggestions on how to play well.

free online skiing games

I know, I know, enough is enough. Let’s get down to the game. Go ahead and click on the new game menu item. You will watch a cheesy intro unless you hit the skip button in the upper right hand corner. And just so you don’t feel cheated, here is the last screen of the intro. The skiing dude decides that he will survive at any cost!

skiing games online

Then we move on to the main menu of the game (finally!). That looks like this:

skiing games online

You can see your armor, bombs, boards beaten, total runs, top speeds and combos. Go ahead and click on the number 1 to start the first “noob” board. That will leave you at the top of a slope like so:

skiing games online

Grab the vials and watermelons to gain points and improve your combos. After collecting enough the screen starts looking very trippy like so:


The more combos and points I got the more colorful and surreal it looked! I had to keep going! You will unlock items like the first one I unlocked – I hit a rock. That made me chuckle but it also knocked me down, causing me to end the game.

I got back up and flew down that mountain. This time I realized the vials bring up your combo bar causing the psychedelics. This mode also increases your points. When you beat 10,000 points you will have unlocked another goal.  It also brought up this peanut butter jelly guy that you can see below.


That brought me back to the menu screen where I was able to select the second board. There is a HUGE difference between the first and second board. The second board is much harder. There are more obstacles and it seems to go faster.


Good luck! And post your high scores in the comments!

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