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The Internet offers numerous tools for people to practice their creativity. One such category of tools are drawing tools that lets you make all sorts of drawings. If you are interested in such tools then you have probably already tried out a bunch of online drawing tools and explored what they have to offer. If those tools were unable to quench your thirst of creativity and you are looking for something truly unique to practice your creative online drawing skills, you should check out an application called Sketch Toy.

Sketch Toy is a free to use website that unique artists will truly enjoy. The site offers you a simple drawing interface but with a unique twist – the lines you draw appear as shaky animations as if watching a still image or cartoon on an old television. The canvas you are given has a texture that highlights this animated effect of shaky lines. You can choose from a solid drawing line and a dash drawing line i.e. a line with spaces in between.

Different colors are also offered for your lines. The thickness of your drawing pen and the level of shakiness can both be controlled through the buttons at the top of your canvas. To keep the integrity of the shaky effect, you do not get any regular shapes to draw such as rectangles and circles; instead, all the drawing is done freestyle through your mouse.

The images you create can be shared through a direct link. When people visit the link, they see the entire drawing made from start to finish, just like you did it. If you want, you can download the image as a PNG file and share it but, of course, the animation effect would be lost that way.


For greater accessibility, the app offers a Chrome app as well.


Check out Sketch Toy @ and its Chrome app @

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