Sketch Board: Sketch Drawing On Your Smartphone [Windows Phone]

Sketch Board is a free tool for Windows Phone that lets you sketch anything (drawings, text) right on your smartphone. You can even sketch on an existing photo or a picture. To try it out, download it from the Windows Phone store and install on your smartphone. The app is free but ad-supported.

The first time you run the app, it displays instructions about what each option at the bottom means. It has a simple interface and only a few sketch options at the bottom bar – Pencil, Erase, Colour palette and undo/redo. To sketch something, select the pencil at the bottom and choose width, height and opacity settings for the pencil. The bigger the width and height of the pencil, the more it starts to look like a brush.

So choose these settings respectively. Check the “Bind” option to keep the width and height of the brush proportional to each other.

15   Sketch Board: Sketch Drawing On Your Smartphone [Windows Phone]

To change the colour of the pencil, click the Palette option at the bottom. You can either pick a colour from the grid or tap on a colour from your existing image. Once colour is selected, press “OK” and the colour will be automatically applied to your pencil.

25   Sketch Board: Sketch Drawing On Your Smartphone [Windows Phone]

One of the interesting features of this app is the ability to do Pencil effect to your photos. It takes your photo and converts into a picture that looks like it was drawn with a pencil.

Pencil effect

31   Sketch Board: Sketch Drawing On Your Smartphone [Windows Phone]


  • Import photos to the app from your phone library.
  • Draw sketches on a new board or on an existing image/photo.
  • Apply pencil effects to your photos.
  • Back up pictures to your SkyDrive account.
  • Pin your pictures to the phone home screen from within the app.
  • Similar tools – Sketch Toy, Draw & Daub Free.

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