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If you need a batch image processor, it turns out that you don’t need to download a desktop app for it. SizzlePig is a cloud service that automatically scans images from your Dropbox folder and processes them on the cloud.

Once you have signed up with SizzlePig, you can choose to connect to your entire Dropbox folder or a private folder within Dropbox. Then you can create automated projects by choosing your input and output folder. SizzlingPig scans your input folder for images, and applies the relevant image modification as configured in your project.

SizzlePig lets you add multiple images sizes in one project, allowing you to resize one image into different versions of your choice. It is a big timesaver for those who need to do batch file processing. All these work on the background, on the cloud, and without any extra app installed on the desktop.

You can configure images to be resized to a specific pixel dimension and compression type. You can also setup file name suffixes for batch renaming of photos. For example, you can add in “small-” to rename images for a small version.

Once the project is created and configured, all images to be modified in the input folder will be worked on by SizzlePig and uploaded to your output folder.


Apps likes SizzlePig exemplify the power of cloud computing, as we are now seeing apps that can do background image manipulation and automation by using purely cloud resources. Now, we have desktop-level tasks being done by apps from the cloud, and as more complex tasks are being moved to the cloud, it will only get better.


  • Batch image processing on the cloud.
  • Use Dropbox to connect files to SizzlingPig.
  • Pay As you go and subscription plans available.
  • Individual cropping and scaling
  • Save to different formats

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  1. Anonymous
    October 30, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    sizzlepig was made by a team of creative and developers to ease our own pains of batch image processing, we've been doing it the hard way for years.

    We are looking for feedback and features that would be helpful so please let us know what you would like to see.

    Thank-you makeuseof for taking the time to review.