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All the symbols used in physics and astronomy, be it the well known k for Kelvin, or the 3dish symbol for focault’s pendulam, have a story behind them. SixtySymbols is a fun and educational website that tells you the story behind these symbols through videos. Put together by people at the University of Nottingham, the website covers 60 popular symbols used in science and teaches you about them.

After completing the original 60 symbols, the website has added videos for many more symbols, plants and intriguing questions. You can also view information about different scientists, including the faculty members at the University of Nottingham, who have participated in the videos in one way or another. Overall, it is a great website that will finally motivate you to know more about some common and not-so-common scientific theories.

astronomical symbol definition


  • Learn about various science symbols through videos.
  • Around 120 symbols related to physics and astronomy.
  • Also includes videos about planets and various scientific questions.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar site: Symbols.

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