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MyHeadLooking at the statistics online, a lot of you are still using MySpace (mostly the younger generation) and I am sure you would love some new sources for free MySpace templates. I will run down a few sites my younger cousin uses for just that.

We will start off with FreeLayouts. When you arrive at their site you will see templates for normal websites, blogs, as well as MySpace. Click on MySpace Layouts in the main navigation menu and then you will see more specific sections.

The sections are CSS< XHTML, 2 Column, Fixed Width and eleven different colors as you can see below from the screenshot.

free MySpace templates

Here are some of the free MySpace templates that were displayed on the homepage while I was checking it out. Notice a lot of themes surrounding holidays.  Valentines Day that just passed and St. Patrick’s Day which is coming up.

free MySpace templates


You can click on preview to see a close up view of what the template really looks like. That will bring up this window:

free MySpace templates

You can click on the Get Code button to retrieve the code you will need to integrate the template like so:

myspace templates

Simply highlight the code and paste it into your About Me section of your MySpace profile to get started. I clicked on the box, hit control A to select all of it, and then control C to copy it and finally control V to paste it where it needs to go.

You also have the option of setting up an account and creating favorites that you can refer back to.

The next website for free MySpace templates we will be looking at is called MySpaceLibrary.

myspace templates

I scrolled down and chose layouts and started browsing around what they had to offer.

myspace templates

Looking around they have a little something for everyone. I found sports templates, music templates, geeky templates…seriously if you use MySpace you will be able to find something here!

After finding the template that you like, click on the link below it that says Click to view large and get MySpace codes.

That will take you to this page:


Just like before, if you want to use it copy the code and paste it into your About Us page on MySpace. To view the template click on the preview button below the picture of the image. That will show it to you like this:


The last site we will be checking out is called MySpaceSkins.


Scroll down when you get to the site and you will see the templates. The first section is called Girly MySpace Layouts followed by grunge, fashion and beach layouts as you can see below:


Click on one of the layouts or on a More [Category] MySpace Layouts button to see more related layouts. After selecting a layout you will see something that looks like this:


You can grab the layout code as we have before for the other sites but here we have some other choices like customizing the layout with their online MySpace profile editor.


or adding a custom Google search box on the page.


If you have other sites and resources hook us up and leave the URLs in the comments!

  1. Aaron
    March 11, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Does anyone even use Myspace anymore?

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