Best Sites for Charming Greeting Card Message Ideas

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greeting card messagesImage and graphic design applications, such as iPhoto, Microsoft Word, The Print Shop, include dozens of attractive greeting card and postcard templates for homemade use. All you need to do is drop in a photo or two, a title, and a greeting.

But sometimes writing creative titles and messages can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to put together a card that last minute. And while your own personal, custom message is preferable, there are a few well designed websites that can provide you some great ideas for messages.

Greeting Card Messages

By far the simplest and most straightforward site I discovered is Greeting Card Message. This resource is bare-bones, with hardly any graphics and advertising, but it contains hundreds of links to all categories of greeting card messages, including anniversaries, “get well soon”, and wedding invitations.

greeting card messages

You can even suggest your own message to become a part of the database.

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Simple messages like, “Goodbye tummy, Hello Mommy!,” “May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love,” may not be unique or fresh, but the site’s content can help you customize your messages to your unique occasion.

Best Card Messages

Best Card Messages is another simple straightforward site for card messages. Categories include Mother’s Day, Birthday, and Baby Card messages. The site includes both traditional and funny messages that can be copied and pasted in a template card. This is a sample birthday message from the site: “Elections come every year, and this year I am nominating you for the birthday party.”

sentiments to write in greeting cards

If you looking for poetic messages, you might find some good examples at Poemsource. It features poems of Christmas, Friendships, New Years, Birthdays, and other common categories. The content is written by a writer named Karl Fuchs. Here’s an example of one of his love poem messages:

A Love Song

Let me sing you a love song
About what I feel in my heart;
Butterflies can’t find nectar
Whenever we’re apart. You’re a flower in bloom.
In the dark, in the gloom,
It’s you who brightens my day.
How many ways do I need you?
Every day, every way, come what may.

The site also provides tips for customizing your own messages.

Verses 4 Cards

Verses 4 Cards contains several dozen categories of poems, quotes, and sayings for all occasions. It also contains messages for categories not found in the above sites, including Thank You messages for teachers, funeral and sympathy poems, and even divorce messages. This site also accepts poem submissions. is not limited to card messages, but it nevertheless has a huge database of birthday, romantic, sad, inspirational, wise, and funny quotes, poems, and messages. This site is not straight forward as the ones listed above, but the content is plentiful.

Examples of its amusing birthday messages, include: “My golden words for your birthday”¦”Smile while you still have teeth!” and “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

greeting card messages

Let us know of any other sites you use for inspirational card messages. If you’re looking for free greeting applications and web services, check our list of MakeUseOf articles on this subject.

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