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SiteLauncher is a simple Firefox plugin which can add some speed to your browsing by letting you quickly launch your favorite websites using simple keyboard shortcuts. With SiteLauncher installed, hitting on Ctrl+Space (Windows) or Ctrl+Alt (Mac) will bring up a launcher like the one you see below.


The panel shows all your favorite sites along with assigned one letter shortcut key next to each. To launch one of the sites you simply need to hit the corresponding shortcut key.

The appearance of the launcher panel, list of sites and shortcut keys that are associated with them can be easily customized.


There is no registration and the installation process takes less then a minute.



  • Launch your favorite sites with simple shortcuts.
  • Configure shortcut keys and corresponding websites the way you like.
  • Customize appearance of the launcher panel (customize colors, sizes, transparency, etc.)
  • Organize shortcuts in groups.
  • Option to set launcher to appear on startup instead of a regular homepage.
  • Choose whether it should open sites in a current or new tab.
  • Import and export your shortcut sets.

Check out SiteLaucher @

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