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SiteCake is a brand new CMS editor designed with small businesses in mind, focusing on allowing site editors to edit with minimal fuss and no technical knowledge. SiteCake lets editors edit the site while they browse it, including the ability to drag and drop media directly into the page.

Unlike some of the more powerful CMS tools available, like Joomla and Drupal, SiteCake has decided to limit the features in return for simplicity for the end users. This means that people who are busy running businesses and have no time to learn how to make a website can just get in there and edit content easily.

As soon as the site editor logs in they can immediately add, delete or rearrange the content of the site by dragging and dropping or simply editing the text in front of them.


  • All visual WYSIWYG editor.
  • Edit while browsing the site.
  • Drag and drop web-based media directly into your site.
  • CMS code is built using PHP.
  • Similar tools: PBwiki and Sushiworks.

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