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With Evernote Clearly you can save noteworthy articles to read later in Evernote. It makes for a great distraction free reading experience. But there are times when you are actually distracted, and doing something else. If your wish was for someone to read out an article to you while you are dressing up for office or packing your Christmas gifts, you wish has been granted. Evernote has updated Clearly with text to speech.

Please note that this update is for Premium members only ($5 a month or $45 a year).

As Evernote says, it’s like your own podcast. Open an article with Evernote Clearly. As it used to do, the Chrome extension removes all vestiges of clutter and gives you a minimally clean layout. Click the Text-to-Speech icon (the last one) in the right sidebar, or press the shortcut keys on the keyboard. The article is read out to you while you are busy with something else. And just like roaming your eyes over uninteresting passages, you can pause, skip ahead, or jump ahead with the voice tool.

Text to speech supports a dozen global languages, so you won’t have a problem if you are on a webpage written in a language Clearly recognizes. Evernote tips us that the new text-to-speech support for multiple languages could be a real boon for language learners if they combine it with the text highlighting tool. Follow along with whatever is highlighted.

Evernote says that text-to-speech is only available in the Google Chrome version of Clearly, but will be coming to other browsers soon.


Source: Evernote Blog

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