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Siri replacement application i4Siri has just been released to appease iPhone and iPad users who don’t have access to the official Siri application.

Apple’s release of Siri has been met with disappointment from many owners of many Apple devices. Why? Because they can’t use it. Only the iPhone 4S ships with Siri or can be officially updated with it, leaving owners of older iPhones and the iPad (even the new iPad 3) out of luck.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the feature was unofficially hacked onto other devices. That time has now come thanks to an app called i4Siri. Better still, the people behind the hack have a website with fairly decent instructions about how to install it.

As you might imagine, this won’t work on an Apple device that’s still under Cupertino’s control. You will first need to jailbreak your device. A few quick steps later and – tada! – you have Siri on your previous generation iPhone or iPad.

Like any hack, you may run into problems. The app uses a different server than the Apple version and some people have reported problems connecting to it. The developers swear they’re not logging personal data sent to their server. It’s up to you to decide if you trust them.


You can find instructions for installing i4Siri at the developer’s website. It is free, but donations are encouraged.

Source: Slashgear

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  1. keith royle
    January 25, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    hi, i have been having a problem, but let me first admit that i am not the best when it comes to computers being as i am a 76year old lung cancer sufferer who has a long standing interest in poitics, Last week i was faced with a person answering my posts on my wall, i didnt think anything untoward untill he took me up on a spelling mistake, i wrote the word jeremy with an a jeramy, he ridiculed me and started saying he had evry sympathy for me , it became much worse ,bearing in mind he doesnt know me, he then entered my general conversation and inserted an absolutely ludicrous statement which was calculated to cause me to retaliate actually i didnt get the chance because a genuine friend spoke for me asking if he was indeed a friend of mine , she then said no you are not a friend of keiths you are using a mutual friends wall in order to ridicule me,, he then turned his attention onto her and i gave up and came off, the following day i checked only to find he had been back onto my wall and removed the offending posts, actually the young lady is known to me personally and she is in very serious family problems herself yet sho chose to defend me but i think this is awfull i thought your wall was private it isnt if you have mutual friends and by the way i know one personally but the troll ive never heard of help me please i depend on facebook heavily

  2. Leishakri
    March 22, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    it should come with the dtpaue since siri is part of the iOS 5.0 software dtpaue. Along with iMessage and all of that good stuff. Im getting the 4s but if i was use i wouldn\'t upgrade if u already have the 4. hope this answers ur question. thumbs up please trying to get to level 2