SimplyNoise: Relax and Block Distractions with White Noise

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Anyone who has ever worked in the crowded office probably knows that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get things done because of all the noise. Phone rings, photocopy machine, voices etc. If you frequently find yourself in the same situation then SimplyNoice might help. It helps you concentrate by generating so called White Noise – relaxing equal power noise. The only requirement is a pair of headsets. Very simple and cool at the same time.

SimplyNoice - Block Distractions with White Noise


  • Concentrate and block dstracting noises with White Noise.
  • Adjust volume levels.
  • Coming soon: option to download the white noise in MP3 format.
  • No sign-up required.

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Typo in the title: SimplyNoice should be SimplyNoise.
I once looked all over for something like this. This is fantastic, great find.



I love those little white noise machines. I always thought they were anti-rodent devices or something :)

I am one of the minute percentage of people who are driven up the wall by these noisemaking little buggers. I asked someone to turn one off once and he looked at me like I had just gotten off the spaceship. He explained that it was for my benefit. I told him that I would get much greater benefit if I could concentrate on what was happening :)




Do you like the white noise or do you not? :-)



I suffer from extreme Tinnitus. So this ‘white noise’ website is a merciful escape for me.

Grateful thanks

Love, Light and Peace



Gabriel Mendoza

You can also use a (”) White noise machine in the office to mask out distracting noises and increase concentration.



Same here, the only noise I can stand while working are ones coming from the cooler fan and keyboard strokes.

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