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Website creators often have to run various site tests after they have built their website. One of these tests is a W3C validation test that checks whether or not your HTML and CSS has been coded according to web standards. While this might not be a difficult task to do manually for a few pages, it is very time consuming for big websites with many pages. Here to help you by automating the testing procedure is a free to use website called Simply Testable.

automatic html validation

Simply Testable is a free to use web service that runs automatics HTML tests on your website. You pass the website URL to the service and the testing is initiated. It takes its time and you can view the results anytime; you can view how many URLs have been tested successfully and unsuccessfully.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Automates HTML validation test.
  • Displays test process in real time.
  • Shows how many URLs have been tested so far successfully and unsuccessfully.
  • Similar tools: Dabblet and HTML-Minifier,

Check out Simply Testable @


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