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SimpleWindowSaver let’s you organize and save your browser sessions into different groups. For example, you can open an instance of Chrome with 3 different work-related websites and save that in the “Work” group. Then anytime you launch Chrome, you can click on the Work group to open those 3 websites automatically.

You can have a separate group for Work, Fun, Social, News and whatever else you may think of. The extension is unobtrusive and doesn’t have too many extensive features or preferences to go through. It is a simple tool that lets you streamline your browsing habits and partly automate the redundant ones. It does take a couple of minutes to fully understand how the tool works, but once you do, it’s quite amazing.

save tabs and windows


  • Save different chrome sessions in groups and launch as desired.
  • Organize websites in groups like Work, Fun, News and delete whenever you want.
  • Similar tools: Side Tabs, Page Snooze and FreshStart.

Download SimpleWindowSaver from Webstore

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