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If a friend’s birthday is coming up, you could buy a great present by getting contributions from mutual friends. This will also give you more gift suggestions. Here to help you interact with other friends to get the birthday friend a present is a site called “Simple Present”.

group present buying

Simple Present is an extremely user-friendly website that is completely free to use. You need not register for any accounts; all you do is enter the birthday friend’s name. Next you start sharing the unique URL generated by Simple Present with other friends. People who visit this URL can leave their gift suggestions. With each gift suggestion, they leave a name, URL, and a price. Friends can vote on existing suggestions and indicate the amount they are willing to contribute towards the present.


A simple view of the votes and the amount collected is shown by a bar with green items indicating purchasable items.

SimplePresent: Group Present Buying Made Easy purchase


You can keep gathering suggestions for a set number of days after which you can decide which present to buy based on the money and number of votes.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps buy presents for friends.
  • Lets you interact with other friends to get gift suggestions and contributions.
  • Lets friends vote on presents.
  • Similar tools: WouldTheyLike, eBay Group Gifts, PresentBee, Wraply, FromABirdie, Webgiftr and Lottay.

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