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Insurance companies often have additional charges and hidden ones that are not exactly clear. Which means that monitoring your medical bills and health care bills can become a bit overwhelming. What you need is a computer interface that monitors your health bills, organizes them, and displays them in an informative manner. That is precisely what a web service called Simplee offers.

track medical bill

Particularly if you deal with multiple health insurance companies, you will need a tool that automatically connects with the insurance accounts and gathers your billing information. Simplee does precisely this. It lets you create an account on the site and then connect your insurance accounts using the online username and passwords the companies give you.


With the accounts connected, the site stores your medical information in archives. It also sends you notifications of important events such medical bills and insurance claims. The objects of these notifications – bills, for instance – are explained for your benefit. The expenses are clearly categorized to differentiate one type of expense from another.

Overall, Simplee eliminates the need for paperwork when it comes to health expenses thereby making your life much easier.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Neatly presents medical and health insurance information.
  • Gathers data by connecting with your online insurance accounts.
  • Categorizes your expenses.
  • Eliminates the need for paperwork.

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