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In a variety of ways booklets can be extremely useful. Whether you are marketing a product, explaining a set of instructions, or creating an invitation, a booklet will serve perfectly.

Virtual booklets are the online form of booklets and can be found on numerous websites. Normally to create them you need to be familiar with programming and coding. But thanks to SimpleBooklet the average internet user can create, share and print booklets with ease.

print booklets online

The way the site works is very simple: you place objects on the provided canvas, resize the objects to match your needs, and once a page is done you move on the next page in the booklet. The objects you can add include images, any type of files, a background image, text, video, embeddable code, a webpage, and audio. Once you are done with your booklet you can publish it online as a webpage or share it via email or on an online social network.

Webmasters can obtain a code for the booklets and embed it on their site. If the booklet comprises of text and images only you can print it out; this way you can use SimpleBooklet to create actually booklets and not only virtual ones.



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