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If you are using the latest version of Mac OSX, you instantly notice that Apple has done a great job with how sleep and instant-on works, that shutting down your Mac after use becomes less of an option. But if you can’t let go of your habit of shutting down your computer, then you can check out Simple Shutdown Timer. This app lets you schedule your Mac to go to sleep, shutdown, or restart.

schedule sleep mac

Simple Shutdown Timer is a lightweight app that only works when you need to schedule a shutdown, and you do not have to worry about the app running in the background. What the app basically does is it inputs terminal command that involves scheduled system shutdowns so that you won’t have to open the terminal and do it yourself. This makes it handy when you have no idea what a terminal is or if you are afraid to use it.

Simple Shutdown Timer is useful if you believe in doing regular shutdowns to save battery or to reset the system. It is available for a measly $0.99, or you can download a free trial to check it out.


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