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Are you sick of switching iTunes every time you want to change songs or do anything? For dedicated iTunes users, it’s a program you are going to want to get access to all the time, but switching back and forth to it constantly is certainly not the most convenient way to do things. Simplayfy is the perfect application for Mac users who need quick access to iTunes. It’s simple, and it does its job incredibly well with almost no effort required on your part.

control itunes mac

Simplayfy offers full control over your iTunes. You can easily play, pause and skip songs right from the application. You can also view the album artwork, source information, and so much more information about your music. Instead of having to pop iTunes open every time you want to do something small, you can do it quickly and easily with this app installed to your computer.

You can even see less critical information such as star rating, and activity information about your music.


With this app, you will see notifications that pop up whenever the song that is currently playing changes. This makes sure you always know what song it playing, and if one comes up that you are not in the mood for at that time, you can skip it and move on to the next in just a couple of clicks. For iTunes fans who want quicker control over their favorite music player, this is the app you need to install.


  • Control iTunes quickly.
  • View information about music playing.
  • Notifications for song change.

Find Simplayfy on the Mac App Store

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