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Similar-Images is an experimental similar image search service provided by Google which lets you search for images using other pictures instead of keywords. It’s a useful feature, since searching with keywords doesn’t always get you the image results you expected. For example, the image search for keyword “Paris” will return images of Paris, the capital of France, and of Paris Hilton, the celebrity. Similar keyword, different image results.

But when you search with a picture, you are likely to get mostly relevant results since it will search for images similar to the picture you selected.

similar image search

To make use of similar image search feature, first you have to search for an image using keywords. When you found an image relevant to what you expected, click on “Similar images” below it to find other similar pictures.

For more info watch demo video below:


  • Search and find similar images using other pictures instead of keywords.
  • Get more relevant image results.
  • To use, search for images with a keyword, find a relevant image and click “Similar image” below to find other similar pictures.

Check out Google Similar Images @

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