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Stop certain subjects from showing up entirely on Facebook or Twitter. Silencer is a Chrome extension perfect for preventing your feed from filling up with spoilers, links to Foursquare or anything else that annoys you.

Social networks are a great way to stay informed, but there are some things you might not want up-to-the-minute information about. The ending of a TV show you missed, for example, or the score for a sporting event you were going to watch later. Some public figures talk constantly without contributing much to the wider conversation – and yet are constantly discussed by people you know. And some things, while being a Really Big Deal for people you follow, doesn’t interest you in the slightest.

You can block all of these things using Silencer. It’s up to you. Simply click the icon and you’ll see this popup:

avoid spoilers twitter

From here you can type whatever you want to instantly block it. Any tweet or Facebook post containing this word or phrase will simply not show up, allowing you to continue your life blissfully unaware it ever existed in the first place. It’s a quick way to block things you don’t want to show up in both major social networks, at once, and I sincerely hope people install it before the next Olympics because I’m going to watch live and post so many spoilers.

Anyway, to make sure it worked I blocked the word “time zone” and looked at Twitter. Sure enough, my own post was removed after refreshing:




  • A Chrome extension for blocking keywords on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Simply type the phrases you don’t want to see and they’re gone.
  • Perfect for avoiding spoilers, useless commentary or live Tweets from events you don’t care about.
  • Browser-only for now – no mobile version currently available.
  • Similar:, LifeHack Filter, LinkReduce.

Check out Silencer @ The Chrome Web Store

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