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Pretty much anyone who has ever owned a mobile phone has been embarrassed by an inappropriately timed phone call, message, and these days all manner of notifications How to Block Notification Area Ads on Android Phones How to Block Notification Area Ads on Android Phones Have you ever seen an advertisement in Android’s notification area? Some apps abuse their notification permissions to display advertisements when you aren’t even using them. The good news is that you can determine which apps... Read More from games, apps and social services. As human beings we’re forgetful, and that means often forgetting to enable silent mode at the worst possible moments. Android users can sit back and relax a bit once they have discovered Silence, an app that allows for periods of silence to be scheduled.

silence for android

All the user needs to do is enter their schedule and then set some toggles before forgetting about it, and letting the app take over. Toggles don’t just include putting the device on silent mode, but also can toggle ringtone, notifications, alarm and media volume  as well as mobile data, Wi-Fi and even airplane mode on certain versions of Android. There is the usual disparity between different versions of Android, though version 4.0 and 4.1 seem to have the majority of the features.

silence for android

Events can be scheduled How To Automate Your Android Smartphone To Do Just About Anything How To Automate Your Android Smartphone To Do Just About Anything Having a smartphone can make your life a whole lot more convenient. When you're lost, it can help you find your way home. When you're in a strange town that you don't know and want... Read More to repeat on certain days, or you can just set a single event which will disappear after a certain amount of time. The app is free but is supported by adverts, and thus requires permission to access the Internet from your phone (and will ask for more permissions in order to change settings and perform its function).


  • Set a schedule, pick some toggles and let the app do its work.
  • Toggle media and alarm volume, ringtone, notifications.
  • Silence can also toggle mobile data, Wi-Fi and airplane mode on certain Android versions.

Download: Silence @ Google Play

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