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If you are a chat-a-holic, are tired of using the default keyboard and want to try something that is much more user friendly, faster and different – try out the Siine Writer Keyboard.

icon keyboard android

The Siine Writer Keyboard is the first icon-based keyboard app out there that you can customize to your own liking and usage. A special screen is reserved for greetings and sign-offs which you can personalize the way you want. Now, you can forget about using letters to type and send messages.

The app has a built-in clock that allows the user to type the date and time easier than ever before. You can now forget about looking at your mobile clock and typing it down.

The keyboard is currently compatible with Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, email, IM, Twitter and possibly with everything where typing is required.

Watch video:


  • Icon based keyboard.
  • Customizable keyboard makes keyboard fit to your liking and not the other way around.
  • Emoticons can be used as typing shortcuts, such as “Call you later” “hold on”, etc.
  • Compatible with many popular apps.

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