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Numerous websites let you create online events. But after letting your friends know about the event, you are stuck with the duty of asking your friends to help you out regarding various aspects of the event. With SignUpGenius you do not have to perform that extra step.

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SignUpGenius is a free to use website that lets you publish events online. The site provides users with various useful features such as support for rich text formatting while typing the description of your event.


You can also choose from a variety of templates provided for different kinds of events. These templates give your event’s page an appealing look.


In addition to supporting templates and special formatting, SignUpGenius lets you appoint positions for an event. For example, at a fundraising event you could ask for volunteers, managers, people who bring food, etc. Friends who visit your event’s SignUpGenius page will be able to view these positions and optionally sign up for them. Setting such positions and letting friends choose their role is a great help while planning something like this.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create online events.
  • Supports special text formatting.
  • Offers various templates categorized by type of event.
  • Lets you indicate required positions for the event.
  • Lets people signup for the event positions they are interested in.
  • Similar tools: MyJobChart, ChoreBuster, DoStuffForMoney and RunMyErrand.

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