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Twitter is a place for gossip, news, short form diary entries, lots of links, sports tidbits, and trending topics, but the leading social network announced on Thursday its Twitter Fiction Festival, that will run five days, starting November 28 through to December 2nd.

Twitter is calling the Fiction Festival a virtual storytelling celebration open to creative storytellers from around the world. The Festival form asks for your name, Twitter handle, a story proposal in terms of how you will tell your story, and what Twitter account(s) you will use. The form also asks for a sample of writing from your project.

Ideas for the Twitter Festival include short stories in the form of tweets, Twitter chats, live-tweeting, or an original project. The proposal, Twitter says, must fit into the time window of the five day festival, or it can run as short as an hour. Selected authors for the Festival will be announced Monday, November 19th, and the Festival will begin nine days later. Twitter has not yet provided a deadline for submitting proposals.

One popular example of a Twitter fictional project is Pulitzer Prize winner, Jennifer Egan’s (@egangoonsquad) Black Box: A Twitter Short Story. The story was told through the New Yorker’s fiction account (@NYerFiction), and it appears alongside a call for entertainers, journalists, leaders, and other influential people to share and connect on Twitter with similar projects, presented and linked on the #OnlyOnTwitter page.

Other authors whom have shared stories or projects include columnist Anna Quindlen and author Salman Rushdie.


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