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With hundreds and sometimes thousands of tweets to go through each day, it is not hard to overlook the important stuff. You can read most of the tweets and get done with them but it is hard to go through all the links that your friends have shared with you.

SiftLinks helps you there by scanning your timeline and identifying the tweets with links in it. Just sign into SiftLinks using your Twitter credentials and you will be able to see all the tweets with links in reverse chronological order. The interface is really simple and text based so going through your links become easy. SiftLinks also creates an RSS feed so you can go through them in your favorite feed reader at your leisure.

tweets with links


  • Filter out tweets with links.
  • Simple and easy to go through.
  • Create RSS feeds of your tweets with links.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar sites: Tlink.

Visit SiftLinks @

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