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With the popularity of online storage services, it is becoming more and more common to upload and store your digital stuff (documents, music, funny videos etc) online in the cloud. Once your files are in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere, when you are away from your computer.

SideCLOUDLoad goes one step further and lets you send files from the web directly to the cloud, without you having to download and upload the files manually to your online storage account. Currently it supports sending files from a URL to your Dropbox account or email.

You simply enter the source URL of the file, enter your Dropbox email and password, choose filename and click “Submit”. By default all the files will be uploaded to the directory named “sideCLOUDload”. For more convenience, drag and drop the sideCLOUDload bookmarklet to your browser toolbar to send the URL in the address bar automatically to your Dropbox with a single click.

download files from url


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