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Have you ever thought about the consequences of having industrial facilities in your town? SICPPL (Sickness and Industrial Centers of Pollution Public Listing) is a Google Maps mashup that lists 100 centres of industrial pollution in America. It can also help you identify the pollutants produced by these facilities and their possible effects on your health.

industrial pollution in america

The map shows the top 100 centers of industrial pollution complete with company name, address, the annual pollutant concentration it produces, the pollutant types it emits, and the known hazards on human health.

Click on the red container on the map to view the information you need. It provides a list where the chemicals are being released by these facilities as well as their hazard rankings. Data for the map mashup came from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2002 Toxic Release Inventory.


  • List of top 100 centers of industrial pollution in US.
  • Raises public awareness on toxic and carcinogenic materials emitted by industrial facilities.
  • Shows possible health effects of the pollutants.
  • See information regarding each facility’s safety assessment.
  • Similar websites: MapEcos and What’s-In-YourWater.

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