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Shufflr is a platform that takes the web video to a whole new social level. Instead of simply watching videos and then sharing them via email, Shufflr lets people build conversations around videos. You can find videos from various channels and either join an existing conversation or start a new one. The best thing about Shufflr is that it brings you only the videos that you would be interested in instead of flooding you with irrelevant content.

You can also follow a conversation to keep track of any updates and unfollow it anytime if you lose interest. Shufflr can also be browsed in various ways focusing on the popular topics, the conversations or simply based on categories. You can also bookmark videos to come back to them later or add them to your queue for watching right after your current video.

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  • A social video experience where you can discuss videos with friends.
  • Finds videos based on your interest.
  • Browse and track conversations or start a new one.

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