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With the help of the Internet, you can stream any music you want through various online stores and online radio stations. Music blogs are another great way to tune into music online. But usually a music blog features content that only one person likes – the blog owner. To mash up many music blogs together, try out Shuffler.

stream music from blog

Shuffler is a free to use website that merges content from various music blogs and presents a genre-wise breakdown of the songs. The site’s usage could not be any simpler : simply click on your favorite music genre and the relevant songs will show up. You will find the player located on the top of the webpage.

music from blogs

There are not many customization options for the player but the necessities – play and pause – are there. You can change your genre from the dropdown menu and share the current song through email, Twitter and Facebook.

The area beneath the player lists all the songs you are going to listen to. Shuffler will help all music find great new songs, although the site’s player could use some work.



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