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If you are ever tasked to create several web screenshots, you probably know that compiling them can be tedious. Fortunately for us, ShrinkTheWeb is a handy web service that automates the process of creating thumbnail screenshots for convenient posting to your website.

screenshot thumbnail

To create screenshots, sign up for an account and go to the “customize my link!“ section. Then input the URL, set the size of the screenshot and paste the generated code to your website. ShrinkTheWeb can also support bulk processing and multiple image sizes.

ShrinkTheWeb has free and paid account options available. The free Basic account allows you to submit 5000 new screenshot requests for websites that ShrinkTheWeb has not yet captured, and 250,000 fetches of previously captured sites. Power users and organizations can upgrade to PRO account with features such as more request allowance, specific page captures, full-length captures, custom-sized captures, refresh-on-demand, and many more.

ShrinktheWeb is the ultimate handy tool for bloggers and content managers who need screenshots quickly. In fact, we at MakeUseOf use this service a lot! Just check out our daily post of Cool Websites and Tools just like this for an example of how we use it.


  • Generate thumbnail screenshot links for your website.
  • Download plugins for WordPress, vBulletin, phpLD, Drupal, Django and other useful codes.
  • Generates either HTML or Javascript codes.
  • Choose the thumbnail size: micro, tiny, very small, small, large, and x-large.
  • Upgrade to PRO service for more powerful features.

Check out ShrinkTheWeb @

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