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You probably heard of ShrinktheWeb, an online tool that compiles website thumbnails and automates the process so you can easily publish them on your website. We love them so much that we decided to make them one of our default tools for generating website thumbnails for our articles.

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ShrinktheWeb just completed a massive re-launch packed with new features. One area that stood out in terms of functionality is the ease of publishing website thumbnails for beginners using the Screenshot Code Wizard. This tool allows allows you to customize your embed code by changing the size and the code type on the fly with more options unlocked for PRO accounts. A preview of the generated thumbnail is available within the wizard so that you can easily see what you are posting.

But the bulk of improvements are on the backend. A more powerful history and domain search were added so that thumbnails come in a snap. Only a few services can match the new speed of ShrinktheWeb artiin giving you thumbnails that you urgently need. A handy PDF file with a clear documentation on how to use Shrinktheweb was also released. All in all, ShrinktheWeb has brought a list of solid improvement to increase the speed and breadth of indexing thumbnails.

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ShrinktheWeb is useful for just about anyone who needs to get a website screenshot in seconds. Free and paid accounts are still available although your PRO accounts now have to pay ShrinkheWeb per volume of images produced.



  • Generating thumbnails made simple
  • Free and PRO accounts available.
  • Added Screenshot Code Wizards for easy embedding.
  • Added better documentation for publishers.
  • Support for 3rd Party software plugin.
  • Choose different thumbnail sizes.
  • Better search function.

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