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There are a lot of URL shorteners out there, and MakeUseOf writers have profiled most of them. Well, Google is now providing it’s own URL shortening tool: The tool does exactly what you’d expect – take a long URL and output a small one ready for sharing on sites with restrictive character limits such as Twitter.


Currently the service isn’t available publicly, except through a couple of Google’s established services: Feedburner and Google Toolbar. So if you’re a user of either of those services you can already use from within those tools.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, “.gl” is the top-level domain name for Greenland.




– shortens your URLs for use in micro-blogging sites.
– currently only integrated into Google Toolbar and Feedburner.
– no standalone version as of December 14 2009

Check out To actually use the service, try out Google Toolbar or Feedburner.

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