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Do you want to know which part of the globe has a concentration of Christians? Would you like to know where IKEA stores are located most? For these and other types of globally distributed data, visiting Show World would be a great help.

interesting data sets

Show World is a free and easy to use website that presents data on a world map. The site includes data that it has collected and indexed. The 5 main categories of data are People, Planet, Business, Politics, and Living; these then have subcategories such as People Demographics, Education, and Causes of Death. The sub-subcategory is where you will find the data types.

interesting data

Clicking on any sub-subcategory will transform the world map into a data representing diagram; this transformation happens through an animation. A breakdown of the data can be seen on the right pane while the map is in the background; the map is zoom-able.


If you want to, you can share the data on social networks, download the animation, or embed it on your own website. You can also download the data as an image file or an Excel file.

In addition to its global data representation, the site provides country-specific data for USA and Japan too.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Represents various types of data on a world map.
  • Offers an animation to shift from one map view to another.
  • Lets you share the data links on social networks.
  • Lets you embed the animation on your own site.
  • Lets you download the data as an image file or an Excel file.
  • Provides country-specific data stats for USA and Japan.
  • Similar tools: ManyEyes and WorldClock.

Check out “Show World” @

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