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There was a time when you had to endure a long registration form to sign up for and start using an Internet service (email, forum etc). Some sign up forms required you to fill up to 50 empty fields. Then, registration forms became much shorter and now most services require only a combination of a username and a password. In most cases you don’t even have to sign up for the service as most services let you sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or other social accounts.

However, not all web services let you sign in with your Facebook or other social accounts. In these cases you have to sign up for an account to use the service. On the sign-up page you have to enter your password twice (second time to confirm it) and your passwords have to match. It is used to make sure you know what password you are entering because you can’t see your password from the form but can only the dots.

If you want to know exactly what password you are entering every time, check out this handy browser add-on called Show Password on Focus. It lets you see the password behind the dots with a single click of your mouse. Simply click with your mouse onto your password to see the characters. That’s all this browser extension does. You click and you see your password. It is a simple tool but a very useful one considering how many we have to sign in and sign up for services online.

To see how it works in action check out the demo at

show password on focus



Check out Show Password on Focus@

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