Show Off Your Creativity With These 8 Subreddits

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One of the hardest things about taking on a creative project is not having anyone to share it with when all is said and done. Although there’s enough reason to just make stuff for fun, sometimes it’s great to get other people’s opinions.

As we’ve said before, Reddit is an excellent place to share links and discuss topics with people from all over the world. Despite how most of the site’s unwritten rules are laid out, there are actually several subreddits meant for sharing your personal work. These subreddits are perfect for the aspiring creative to acquire positive critique and exposure.

Shameless Plug

The subreddit r/ShamelessPlug is perfect for sharing anything that you have ever made at all. There is no concern for “comment-to-submission ratios” or self-spamming. Basically, anything goes here, and that includes games, films, cartoons, blogs, non-profits (which are certainly creative), and music.

In addition to sharing your own creative work, there is also a chance to inspect what other people around the globe are working on. Furthermore, you’re likely to see a few KickStarter projects floating around. Also, try not to confuse this with r/ShamelessPlugs, which presently only has 14 subscribers.


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Even though r/Writing can have a strict atmosphere, remember that when you pair the Internet and English, you just can’t avoid grammar watchdogs. With that being said, it’s going to be a little tougher to share your work here, but it isn’t impossible. At the very least, you can simply request critique and possibly hone your skills by reading the tip websites that are consistently shared with the community.


If you are a filmmaker or a videomaker, I highly recommend sharing your work on r/Videography due to the family-like nature of the community. Regardless of whether you’re a regular or a wanderer, the users in this subreddit will almost always welcome you with open arms. Here, you are invited to share your video work, and on top of that, you’ll be in the presence of some very interesting video-related articles and tips.

Comics & Webcomics

Are you the maker of your own webcomic? Welcome home. Actually, welcome to two homes….(we’ll call one your winter retreat and the other your summer cabin by the lake). The r/Comics subreddit is dedicated to the discussion of comics as a whole (which does include Marvel and DC), and if you make your own comic, the moderators will be kind enough to give you your own “flair” upon request. This is simply a piece of blue text next to your user name that displays the title of your comic every time you post on this subreddit.

Posting original content is encouraged, and one prime example of this is the work of user JimKB who publishes all his comics on Reddit.

Alternatively, you can check out r/Webcomics, which has actually banned all posting of the most popular webcomics for being “too awesome” and promotes original content as much as possible. Granted, they do request that artists not spam the subreddit. However, you’ll see a flood of never-before-seen work, and that’s pretty awesome within itself (but not too awesome).


If you happen to be an artist working with mediums such as paint, charcoal, pastels, etc. (and that goes for digital versions, too), then r/Art might be worth checking out. Consider this to be the Salon of Reddit – a place where those who are inspired can share the fruit of their frustrations and receive honest feedback.

The work found here is of incredible quality, and the moderators request that you do not post your “high school doodles” or memes. This is a fairly reasonable request, and the rules are certainly not overbearing.

Indie Gaming

There are probably a few of you out there who make your own games or know someone who makes games. Fortunately, there is r/IndieGaming to discuss all matters concerning the subject.

The subreddit tends to lean more to the conversational side of indie gaming, but the moderators have made a note that they do accept original content. With that being said, this is an ideal place to show off your work. Furthermore, the user support is phenomenal.

Radio Reddit

Do you have a band and access to recording equipment? Great. Radio Reddit is where you need to go. The subreddit has dedicated itself to promoting independent musicians by broadcasting their tunes on its successful Internet radio station. Furthermore, the subreddit itself is a great place to find music if you’re not up for listening to the station itself.

The system is fairly simple. Do you have a song that you want to share? Upload it off-site on When it plays on one of the radio’s many streams, users will submit it to the subreddit via RadioReddit itself (don’t spam the subreddit with your own website). After that, users will vote on the song to keep track of its popularity. Basically, it’s an easy way for an indie artist to get their work out there.


If you’re not a Reddit user, this might be a good time to try it out. Above are what would be considered safe subreddits to share your work, but bear in mind that there is a general expectation that in order to share work, you should be an active user in other ways. Else, you may just be considered a spammer. If you are already a creative Redditor and haven’t quite made use of these subreddits, you should give it a shot.

What other sites do you use to share your work? Do you know of any other similar subreddits to the ones mentioned?

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